Passion Project
Video Editor

4 heartwarming fan videos on MAMAMOO's USA tour. Messages, milestones, and even karaoke—expressing a fan's love at its finest.

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Creating the MAMAMOO VCR for the MYCON World Tour was a labor of love, a fan-driven endeavor to celebrate the phenomenal K-pop group and the deep connection they share with their supporters.

This project was all about conveying the heartfelt gratitude and affection fans hold for MAMAMOO at four crucial stops of the USA leg of their world tour.

Each of the four videos we crafted had a unique narrative, showcasing fan messages and highlighting key milestones in MAMAMOO's illustrious career. It was an opportunity for fans to share their adoration and reminisce about the group's remarkable journey.

The stop in LA held particular significance as the grand finale of the USA tour. To make it extra special, we added a captivating karaoke section that united fans through a special song. The project involved a blend of talents, encompassing video editing to weave together the emotional story, motion graphics for crafting captivating title cards, and even sound effects editing to enhance the animation segment, where fans collectively crafted a touching narrative from the tour's first stop to the last.

In essence, the MAMAMOO VCR project was a celebration of fandom, creativity, and a shared love for music. It was our way of expressing appreciation and celebrating the enduring bond between MAMAMOO and their dedicated supporters. The power of music to unite and inspire was on full display, and it remains a cherished memory for all involved.

Special thanks to USA Mooble for making all of this happen!

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