The Journey So Far

My creative journey began with a strong foundation in graphic design. I've been fueled by my curiosity and a deep love for all things art and design.

Self-taught in photography, videography, and web design, I delved into the intricate world of motion design, driven by the art of making visuals come alive. Through years of dedication and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, I've fine-tuned my skills to specialize in the realm of motion design.

What truly distinguishes me is my commitment to crafting immersive and impactful visual experiences, drawing from my proficiency across different creative mediums. With a passion for pushing boundaries and a continuous thirst for innovation, I blend my diverse skills to produce eye-catching and innovative motion designs.

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Featured Brands I've Worked With
Universal Music Canada
Sony Music Canada
Mad Ruk Entertainment
The Remix Project
Fela TV
Elevate Festival


From lyric videos to concert visuals that capture the essence of the music, creating an immersive experience. Using existing artwork or custom graphics, we ensure visuals that align well with your music's mood, style and branding.


From social media that spark engagement to grand-scale billboards that capture attention, we've got you covered. This versatility allows your brand to shine across all channels.


Bringing ideas to life through conceptual art and designs tailored for potential projects, fostering an imaginative and visually compelling foundation for your creative endeavors.


Experience innovation with our interactive solutions, ranging from web-based projects to interactive activations. We create engaging experiences that captivate your audience in the digital world.

Other Animations

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