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Welcome to the Mocah Cafe, a space where creativity flourishes.  Here, we merge my love for design and The Sims. Immerse yourself in the blend of artistic expression and virtual world-building.



Hi I'm micahmov, you can just call me Micah (she/her). I am a motion designer who loves the Sims.

Meet Kengu, Our Resident Barista Penguin: Through interactive channel points, Kengu serves up virtual coffees and snacks. But beware, Kengu is quick – miss your chance, and your snack might disappear in the blink of an eye!

Interactive Design and Technology: My love for technology plays a role in creating interactive experiences for stream. From thoughtfully designed overlays to the world of Kengu, I use my design skills to build and shape the ever-evolving universe of Mocah Cafe.

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Sunday, Monday & Tuesday 9:30 AM EST
Friday 9:30 AM EST


50 Followers | November 13th, 2023
First Raid MaevelleMeg | November 14th, 2023
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First Sub raven_kaye | November 29th, 2023
100 Followers | December 12, 2023
200 Followers | February 10, 2024


Reel Asian | $250 Raised for Asian Heritage Month 2024

Mocah Cafe

The Mocah Café is my way of highlighting the community! Every month we create an isometric room. During my design streams, we make time to build this café in Blender3D.

Cafe Pengus

These penguins bring life into the cafe. They can be redeemed during the stream and are customizable from the colour, expression to even their outfits. A way to celebrate those who spend a lot of time at the cafe.

Mocah Cafe: Spotify Playlists

We love listening to different genres of music! During stream, we have song requests open and I've created a playlist on Spotify of all the requests that come in. I've also created other playlists of what we listen to on stream.

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