Be Right Back

Passion Project

A digital-physical project capturing the essence of travel through a website and limited AR postcards.

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During my internship at Tier Zero, we were given the opportunity to create a project. "Be Right Back" embodies my creative spirit and love for merging the physical and digital worlds.

Inspired by the landscapes of the Philippines and the emotions associated with returning to cherished destinations, BRB represents a unique fusion of art and technology.

At its core, "Be Right Back" has two key deliverables: a captivating website featuring three mesmerizing animated art pieces and a limited-edition postcard that triggers an Augmented Reality (AR) experience through an Instagram filter. Collaborating closely with Higher Ground Studio, I transformed my vision into a digital reality. The website showcases a seamless blend of photography and motion graphics, creating a mesmerizing visual narrative that captures the essence of travel and nostalgia.

The postcard, designed as a bridge between the physical and digital realms, offers an exclusive AR experience. Only 25 of these unique postcards were produced. By scanning the postcard with Instagram's AR filters, users unlock an overlay of animated artwork, breathing life into the tangible. In addition to this exclusive release, I wanted to extend the joy to a wider audience, so I designed a selfie filter to enable everyone to partake in the project's magic.

This inaugural version of BRB represents the starting point of an exciting journey, blending creativity, innovation, and storytelling. It is an ode to the beauty of travel and the power of art in evoking cherished memories and emotions. I can't wait to share more as this project evolves and transforms.

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